Practical Self Defense Classes

castle rock self defenseTraditional martial arts like karate can provide a significant boost in self defense skill. The only problem is that full karate programs also teach a lot of other things in order to improve quality of life, mental acuity, philosophical depth, and technique. Sometimes people just need the self defense aspects and have a limited amount of time to learn. This program is designed to meet those needs.

The following are examples of individuals who might find this program ideal for their current situations:

  • Current College Students (or students going off to college)
  • Security Personnel
  • Students of non-combative martial arts (example: modern taichi)
  • Women (learning about predators and how to avoid victimization)
  • Men (learning about common fighting scenarios)
  • Many more!

What Will You Learn?

The curriculum for this self defense program is not one-size-fits-all. Generally, the subject matter will adapt to the individuals who are in the class. Every individual must come to understand their own set of circumstances through which they may encounter violence. This program provides the tools to recognize threats, avoid high risk situations, and develop techniques with as reliable a success rate as possible.

Understanding self defense is more than just groin kicks and eye gauges. To become an educated civilian capable of defense a person must understand when/where/why violence happens and how the human brain undergoes significant chemical attack when presented with danger. Being able to manage those precursor factors is just as key as developing strong technique.

Are the Instructors Qualified?

Primary instructor Matthew Apsokardu is not a Navy Seal, nor is he a police captain. He’s just a regular civilian, but that’s what helps him teach this topic to other regular civilians. Matthew has studied classical karate and kobudo for over 17 years (11 of those years also teaching) and is a member of the Douglas County Community Safety Service. He has taught multiple women’s self defense seminars and co-taught the Ranger Training Program for the Army Corp of Engineers at Blue Marsh Lake. As such, he combines a ‘regular guy’ perspective with studied insight into violence, self defense, and the law.

There’s no question that a 250lb MMA Champion is an awesome fighter and maybe even a skilled bar brawler, but that might not be best for regular folks who need to improve their self defense awareness and skills.

How to Join

Classes are currently underway and meet according to students needs. If you’d like to get involved or have more questions about the program, reach out to use here:

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