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Upcoming Self Defense Seminar – 3/29/14

Individuals looking to expand their self defense knowledge may be interested in participating in our seminar scheduled for March 29, 2014.

self defense workshop castle rock, CO

Who is the Seminar For?

This seminar is appropriate for all teens and adults regardless of personal background. The content will provide both technical and mental exercises allowing for growth in any participant.

High levels of physical fitness are not required, but participants should be cleared by their doctor for physical activity.

Both women and men are encouraged to participate as the seminar will address the predators likely to target both genders.

What Content Will be Covered?

The content of this program is designed so that each individual can learn more about the self defense risks they are most likely to encounter. The class will be split between discussion and action portions, allowing participants to think about their environment and behavioral patterns as well as take proactive steps to avoid becoming a victim.

The content breakdown is as such (content is liable to change based on attendees and instructor’s guidance of the class):

  • Understanding Predatory vs Social Violenceselfdefense
  • Group Work for Constructing likely Violent Scenarios
  • Understanding the Continuum of Avoidance, De-escalation, and Pro-Active Defense
  • Civilian vs Uniformed Self Defense Discussion
  • Reliable Striking and Control Technique Training
  • Drills to Recognize and Break Freeze Moments
  • Multiple Opponent Escapes

What are the Time/Cost Details?

The program will run Saturday March 29th from 11am-2pm. The cost is as follows:

  • $10 per person for active Castle Rock AIKIDO members.
  • $20 per person for members of the public if pre-paid online.
  • $30 per person if paid the day of the workshop.

The location is Castle Rock Aikido:

185 Caprice Ct
Castle Rock, CO 80109

We recommend you reserve your spot with the form below, especially if you are bringing multiple people.

Comfortable street or exercise clothes are acceptable. Participants will be barefoot on the mat and no jewelry is permitted to be worn. Consider bringing a notebook as well!

Instructor Credentials

The program’s primary instructor will be Matthew Apsokardu, operator of the Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo program. Matthew has been training in Okinawa Kenpo Karate for over 18 years and has helped construct and teach multiple seminars, including the Blue Marsh Rangers Self Defense Program. Matthew is also a member of the Douglas County Community Safety Patrol. Matthew brings a ‘regular guy’ perspective into his teaching and can relate to individuals who aren’t built like linebackers.

This seminar will be assisted by Sean Hannon, Dojo Cho of Castle Rock Aikido. Sean brings years of martial arts experience in both karate and Aikido but also extensive knowledge on human behavior and tendencies. He offers great insight into the non-violent solutions of de-escalation and avoidance.

Reserve Your Spot

Use the form below to reserve your spot in the seminar. Payment can be made upon arrival (checks made to “Castle Rock Aikido”). Reservations via the form below assure you a spot – we cannot guarantee entry to all walk-ins.

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Karate for Adults and Teens in Castle Rock, CO

The benefits of karate are well documented. Practitioners benefit from improved fitness, self confidence, self defense skills, and improved mental outlook. However, some people simply don’t want to train next to “little Johnny” who is about to turn 7.

Lost in the modern mix of marketing and salesmanship is the reality that karate is a life-and-death art. Real training in karate requires a serious mindset and ethical maturity to handle the subject matter. Adults and late teens looking for something more realistic and serious may benefit from the karate and kobudo program we offer.

Our Material – Okinawa Kenpo

Our style of Okinawa Kenpo has a long and storied lineage tracing directly back to Okinawa. Instructor Matthew Apsokardu studied directly under Bruce Heilman, one of a few senior students of Seikichi Odo. Odo Sensei was the inheritor of the style via Shigeru Nakamura, one of the most prominent karate practitioners of his day.


Due to the direct lineage Okinawa Kenpo has preserved the serious life protection aspects as seen in karate prior to World War II and the exponential growth of tournaments. Students receive safe but effective training in the old methods of “tode” including striking, joint manipulation, weapons, and more.

Our Age Limit for Training

We only allow teens and adults in our classes. With a minimum age limit we can teach at a more advanced pace and include more serious subject matter. Adults looking for self defense and a cultural connection back to Japan and Okinawa find this class environment to be highly desirable.

Inclusion of Weapons

botrimmedIn addition to the empty hand art of karate we also teach classical kobudo (weaponry). These are the implements utilized by the Okinawans throughout their history and possess unique handling methods and kata (Forms). The Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo curriculum preserves a rare amount of weapons and kata, rarely seen in other styles. Our weapons include bo, tonfa, sai, nunchaku, nunti, eiku, tekkos, kama, and more.

Reach Out to Us For More Information

If this kind of program sounds appealing to you reach out to us at 720-221-3665. We can answer your questions and arrange for a free trial class (in which you can watch or participate).