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Karate for Adults and Teens in Castle Rock, CO

The benefits of karate are well documented. Practitioners benefit from improved fitness, self confidence, self defense skills, and improved mental outlook. However, some people simply don’t want to train next to “little Johnny” who is about to turn 7.

Lost in the modern mix of marketing and salesmanship is the reality that karate is a life-and-death art. Real training in karate requires a serious mindset and ethical maturity to handle the subject matter. Adults and late teens looking for something more realistic and serious may benefit from the karate and kobudo program we offer.

Our Material – Okinawa Kenpo

Our style of Okinawa Kenpo has a long and storied lineage tracing directly back to Okinawa. Instructor Matthew Apsokardu studied directly under Bruce Heilman, one of a few senior students of Seikichi Odo. Odo Sensei was the inheritor of the style via Shigeru Nakamura, one of the most prominent karate practitioners of his day.


Due to the direct lineage Okinawa Kenpo has preserved the serious life protection aspects as seen in karate prior to World War II and the exponential growth of tournaments. Students receive safe but effective training in the old methods of “tode” including striking, joint manipulation, weapons, and more.

Our Age Limit for Training

We only allow teens and adults in our classes. With a minimum age limit we can teach at a more advanced pace and include more serious subject matter. Adults looking for self defense and a cultural connection back to Japan and Okinawa find this class environment to be highly desirable.

Inclusion of Weapons

botrimmedIn addition to the empty hand art of karate we also teach classical kobudo (weaponry). These are the implements utilized by the Okinawans throughout their history and possess unique handling methods and kata (Forms). The Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo curriculum preserves a rare amount of weapons and kata, rarely seen in other styles. Our weapons include bo, tonfa, sai, nunchaku, nunti, eiku, tekkos, kama, and more.

Reach Out to Us For More Information

If this kind of program sounds appealing to you reach out to us at 720-221-3665. We can answer your questions and arrange for a free trial class (in which you can watch or participate).

Karate near Highlands Ranch, CO

kk_punchThere is one authentic Okinawa Kenpo Karate program in Colorado and it is located just south of Highlands Ranch in Castle Rock. Depending on what kind of martial arts content you are looking for, it may be the right program for you.

Why Choose Okinawa Kenpo Karate?

You’ve no doubt heard the term “karate” before, often accompanied by “taekwondo”. Sometimes the words are used interchangeably to signify a martial art that involves punches and kicks. Despite it’s casual usage, karate is actually a specific martial art born on the island of Okinawa just south of Japan. Okinawa Kenpo is a style of karate that harks directly from that island and provides a wide variety of self improvement and self defense skills.

The authenticity and uniqueness of the style make it stand out, and (we believe) make it worth your time and investment.

A Program For Serious Students

Okinawa Kenpo is more than just a means for exercise. The skills within the art are designed for life protection (your own and the lives of others). As such, the material is relegated to students 13 years old and above.

The training is safe and the community is supportive, but it is not a “daycare with belts”. If you join, you’ll be treated with respect and given the kind of training an adult needs in the modern world.

Okinawan Weapons as Well as Empty Hand

Part of the Okinawa Kenpo system is the usage of classical weapons (bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, etc) known as Kobudo. The Okinawans used these implements to defend themselves during times of war as well as from everyday threats. We continue to train with them to preserve that history. In addition, the concepts of old weapons can easily translate to handy items you’ll find in your home or while out in public.

How to Find Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo

As mentioned, the CRKK program is located near Highlands Ranch and is easily drivable from there. Both highways 85 and 25 bring commuters quite close to the facility. To use your GPS, plug in the following address:

Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo
185 Caprice Ct #5
Castle Rock, CO 80109

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When turning into Caprice Drive from Wolfensberger Road, simply keep driving straight back. You’ll see the sign for “Castle Rock Aikido” on the right just as the road ends. Please note that the Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo Program operates out of the Castle Rock Aikido Facility.

Have Questions Or Would Like to Learn More?

We’d love to answer some of your questions! Give us a call and we can chat with you – (720) 221-3665. You can also use our online contact form. We can arrange for you to come and watch a class if you’d like to see how we operate.

Okinawan Weapons Class in Castle Rock, CO

Most people have heard of karate, and they know that the Okinawans also used weapons to defend themselves. They recall the nunchaku (nunchuks) from Bruce Lee and maybe even the sai from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Okinawan weapons have made their way into pop culture, but there is actually a whole art dedicated to the various implements of Okinawan origin.

okinawan kobudo weapons

(Kobudo Collection of Bruce Heilman, Hanshi)

Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo is a system that utilizes many old weapons developed over generations. Popular weapons such as bo, sai, and tonfa feature prominently in the art. However, we also utilize a wide variety of more rare tools like the tekkos, nunti, eiku, etc.

Learning Okinawan Kobudo is a careful process as practitioners must keep themselves and their training partners safe. Weapons are introduced in a strategic order, starting off with the relatively safe bo and working up to higher risk weapons like the nunchaku and kama (sickle).

Students who participate in the kobudo program will find their open hand style enriched by the body movements and deep study of concepts like leverage, distance, and timing. Practitioners of many different styles have tried kobudo and found it very rewarding.

One extremely valuable aspect about Okinawan weapons is how transferable they are to everyday implements. Many of the weapons were developed from regular tools the Okinawans had nearby. As such, our every day tools and possessions can use the fundamental lessons learned in kobudo for modern self defense.

We can teach martial arts beginners as well as individuals with years of experience in established arts. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us and we’d be happy to arrange a time for you to visit and chat with us.