• okinawa kenpo karate castle rock CO

    Be Part of a Special and Rare Art

    This is the only Okinawa Kenpo program in Colorado! We practice classical karate and kobudo with hundreds of years of history.

  • okinawan weapons

    Okinawan Weapons Program

    Do you study a core art but would like to expand your kobudo learning? Our program offers a wide variety of Okinawan weapons directly from the traditional Okinawa Kenpo lineage as taught by Odo Seikichi and Bruce Heilman.

  • seminars

    Seminars and Demonstrations

    Sometimes a single topic, be it historical or technical, can make for a great seminar.

  • okinawa kenpo lineage

    Instructor Lineage

    Instructor Matthew Apsokardu comes from a direct lineage of Okinawa Kenpo but has also trained under other notable karate practitioners.

Learn Classical Okinawan Karate and Weapons!

Castle Rock Karate and Kobudo is a traditional program offered by the Castle Rock Aikido Facility. Interested individuals can watch a session or participate in a free class.
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